Chris Verene


Family 2010, Twin Palms Publishers
Chris Verene
Chris Verene 2000, Twin Palms Publishers
Chris Verene Camera Club
Chris Verene Camera Club 2000, Reflex Modern Art

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Museum Catalogs & Anthologies

Live The Art
Live The Art Rizzoli Publishers, 2014

Featuring "The Self-Esteem Salon, The Baptism Series"

The Photographer's Playbook
The Photographer's Playbook Aperture Press, 2014

A book of photography assignments by the "world's most talented photograhers," including "The Intimate Portrait," by Chris Verene.

Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870 The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, 2010
Five Points Journal of Art And Literature
Five Points Journal of Art And Literature Georgia State University Press

Featuring an essay and a portfolio of recent work by Chris Verene.

Visions from America
Visions from America Photographs from the Whitney Museum of American Art 1940-2001 Prestel Publishing, 2001
The Jewish Identity Project:
The Jewish Identity Project: New American Photography Yale University Press, 2005

This book includes an extensive portfolio featuring two chapters of Verene's photographs, "Prairie Jews," from the 2000s

The Theatre of the Face:
The Theatre of the Face: Portrait Photography Since 1900 Phaidon, 2006

Features photographs and an essay about Verene's work.